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Common Problems

Common Problems with Braces

There are a variety of dental issues that require braces in order to straighten your teeth and preserve your smile, and Dr. Shelling of Shelling Orthodontics is knowledgeable and well-equipped to handle them all. We’ve helped hundreds of patients achieve beautiful smiles with customized orthodontic treatments for the entire family. Call us to schedule a consultation today, (561) 668-0761..
“Dr. Shelling is the absolute best. Him and his staff make every visit feel like you’re coming home. You honestly can’t cant find another office staff like his. They care about their patients and do everything they can to ensure a comfortable environment and experience. I highly recommend them to everyone”

Jodi S.

Orthodontic Problems We Take Care Of


Crowding is a discrepancy between tooth size and jaw size, which leads to misalignment of the tooth row.

Deep Bites

Deep bites are when the front, upper teeth severely overlap the front, bottom teeth when the mouth is closed.

Open Bites

Open bites are characterized by upper and lower teeth that slant outward, not allowing the teeth to touch when the mouth is shut.


Crossbites are when upper and lower teeth are misaligned don’t fit together naturally. This can happen for single teeth or groups of teeth.


An underbite is when the bottom row of teeth overlaps the top row of teeth and is due to an underdeveloped jaw.


Overbites, or sometimes referred to as “buck teeth”, are when the top row of teeth greatly extends in front of the bottom row of teeth.


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