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Virtual Orthodontic Consultation

Virtual Orthodontic Consultation

Shelling Orthodontics can provide initial diagnoses of orthodontic issues through a virtual consultation. Based on the information provided here, we can give an idea of what type of treatment would be best for you. We may need further imaging to determine a complete treatment plan. In those cases, we would need you to send the x-rays if you have them or come in for a complementary consultation including x-rays to determine the treatment plan. Simply follow the instructions below to take and send photos of your teeth to our board-certified orthodontist.Please call (561) 668-0761 for any questions.

Photos Needed

  1. Smile naturally and take a photo of the front view of your teeth.
  2. With your teeth closed, pull back the side of your mouth and take a photo of the left and right sides of the front of your teeth.
  3. Open your mouth wide and take a photo of the tops of your bottom teeth, then the bottom of your top teeth.
  4. Fill out the form below and attach your images.

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