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Orthodontic Braces

Types of Orthodontic Braces Available Today

As soon as you think of the orthodontic braces, the first thing that comes to your mind is a mouthful of metal brackets and wires. Although braces are quite an effective option for treating unaligned teeth, they might look unattractive to the eyes. Not only that, the people who wear braces experience some of the worst things while the braces are on.

Even though the braces provide an aligned smile; however, reaching that point is definitely not an easy task. Today, many people get the metal braces, but there are multiple options available these days. Based on your orthodontic needs as well as budget, you can definitely choose something, which will meet your needs. Here are a few orthodontic braces that you must check out.

Metal Braces

These are the oldest versions of the braces that you must have seen before. The metal braces use metal brackets as well as wires for moving teeth for alignment. For years, the metal braces are kept for moving the teeth and aligning them. Within a few years, a few orthodontists started using heat-activated wires along the traditional wires.

All these things let the natural heat build up in your mouth. As a result, the teeth move quicker than expected. There are various pros and cons that you can expect to get from the metal braces. For example, the metal braces are quite cheap than other options.

With the traditional braces, you can fix the problem of misalignment within the record time. The only con is it might cause self-confidence problems. Due to this reason, orthodontist in Boca Raton never recommend metal braces for adults.

Ceramic Braces

These braces are quite similar to the traditional braces. Just like the normal braces, it sits in front of your teeth; however, it blends easily with your teeth. This means no problem with aesthetics. As they are tooth-colored due to the ceramic materials, these braces look quite attractive. At times, the wires remain colored so that the braces appear invisible.

Just like the normal braces, these work quite effectively and are normally more expensive. They come with various pros and cons that you should know about. Ceramic braces are less noticeable compared to the traditional braces and can solve the problem of misalignment problem within a limited time. There are a few cons like ceramic braces get easily stained and the cost is more than the traditional braces.


It is one of the most popular additions in the world of teeth brackets. Within a few years, the market of Invisalign turned out to be a convenient option for many. Even the orthodontic dentists are recommending these to the patients. The best part is Invisalign is invisible and unlike the metal or ceramic braces, it does not involve any kind of metal wires. There are a few cons that you must know about like these are costlier than normal braces and can get stained when not taken proper care of.

Orthodontic Braces in Boca Raton

Before getting any braces, the first thing you must do is consult with an orthodontist, who is well aware of these things. Since they are experts, they will provide you with the best solution. Contact us for booking an appointment.

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